HORIZON-JU-SNS-2022 HORSE: Holistic, Omnipresent, Resilient Services for future 6G Wireless and Computing Ecosystems


The future deployment of 6G networks is connected with an integration of diverse hardware elements and infrastructures, thus leading not only to a highly heterogeneous environment, but also to functions and features that cannot be anticipated at the time of design, thus challenging the security and resilience design to the next level.
Since such systems unavoidably lead to a corresponding increase in the number and types of potential attacks, such attacks need to be predicted and anticipated with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems. In future 6G networks, AI-methods are both used to (i) improve response and resilience of systems, such as for the early detection of threats as anomalies, and (ii) identify and correct vulnerabilities by attacking the systems predicted to be exposed, in a sandbox environment, such as in digital twins. As a consequence, the application of AI should follow a coordinated approach, by combining both reactive and predictive methods.
The main focus of the HORSE project is a holistic research approach aimed to design, develop and validate an autonomous, self-evolving and extendable 6G-ready architecture providing a human-centric approach to security workflows, by enabling top-down, bottom-up and end-to-end security solutions.
HORSE outcomes will be validated in two highly innovative, performance demanding and representative scenarios, tentatively distributed operation of transport systems and multiuser remote rendering in extended reality, both provided by highly experienced actors in the involved areas. These validation activities will allow us to demonstrate how or to what extent the HORSE platform should be adjusted to meet different scenarios constraints and requirements.


8BELLS will lead the market radar and baseline technologies identification, participate in the use cases elaboration and definition of the overall system architecture, mainly focusing on the security functions and components.
Furthermore, 8BELLS will contribute to the design and development of the sandboxing and Early Modeling frameworks and will focus on the predictive threat detector and mitigation engine by spotlighting special attack cases.
8BELLS will also have an active role of the classification and incorporation of the existing resilience constraints, requirements and standards into the Reliability, Trust and Resilience Provisioning framework of the HORSE architecture, and will contribute to a monitoring mechanism that can span across all diverse infrastructure elements.
In addition, 8BELLS will lead the exploitation, replication and sustainability of the project, performing market analysis and revealing the main competitors of the HORSE solution.




1 January 2023


31 December 2025


€ 6,608,809.00


€ 4,999,757.00

6G, AI, Cloud and Edge Computing, Cybersecurity, Status Running