The main areas of research and technical expertise are customizable solutions that enhance modern communications relevant to the area of 5G Mobile Technology, Network Function Virtualization (NFV), and management solutions for Cloud infrastructures. The company possesses a portfolio of cybersecurity solutions that can be used for risk assessment, cyber-hygiene, anomaly detection, and threat remediation.

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The analysts of 8BELLS have a strong focus on R&D with a long track record in EU- and national-funded research initiatives. They have actively participated in (and coordinated) several R&D projects in the field of networking and telecommunications and have authored or co-authored over 80 papers in international refereed journals and conferences. Moreover, the company’s portfolio includes system engineering and integration services, network design and implementation, R&D consultancy, as well as targeted and customized innovative solutions. Our technical capabilities also include:

Cloud Computing and Everything-as-a-Service:

Design, deployment and maintenance of cloud computing infrastructure, Optimised resource provisioning in Infrastructure-as-a-Service architecture, Platform or Software as-a-Service for quick implementation and instantiation of cloud services.

Privacy, Security & Data Protection:

Cybersecurity Gap Analysis, Virtualised Cybersecurity, Privacy Impact Assessment, Privacy-by-design architectures, ethical and legal compliance of project activities, including compliance to the new General Data Protection Regulation.

Software development:

Indicatively: 5G security, wireless network security, software quality assurance, machine learning applications, data analysis and visualization, cloud computing, etc.

Systems & Networks engineering:

Including design, implementation and integration in communication systems and network technologies.

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